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Testimonials from Compulife subscribers

The following are the comments of agents who are subscribers to the Compulife Quotation System. Compulife provides insurance comparison software to thousands of agents throughout Canada and the United States. Agents who purchase Compulife are entitled to be listed at Compulife's public term comparison website called

Insurance agents who are NOT customers of Compulife can Click Here to obtain a 30 day free trial.

Hi Bob,

I have been using your software now for about 10 years, and just wanted to say that I don't know if I could do without it. I remember the first time that I used it in front of a client, and how blown away he was when he saw the comparison of all these companies. He said that for the first time he felt like he was in control of the insurance buying process.

I have been blowing clients away with it ever since, great job Compulife........

Ned Vedo

We've built our agency around Compulife's software. Ensuring we have the lowest pricest for consumers who are shopping online from our website means the very first impression consumers have of us is the right one; we're making sure they're not overpaying for life insurance. We back that up with experience, knowledge and professional recommendations but it's Compulife's database that gets them in the door and makes our agency a success. Thanks Bob!

Glenn Cooke InsureCan Inc.

Question - Why has been good for my clients/good for me/good for the life insurance industry

Because it matches consumers looking to make their best life insurance choice with a broker who has access to their best choice. Brokers that offer the most competitive life insurance products available in Canada will be sought out by the public. provides that match.

The public no longer want to be sold only what the agent is able to sell. Consumers want (and demand) to work with a broker who represents the best products with the best companies with the best price. gives consumers this unbiased snapshot of competitive life insurance rates. Consumers then use this information to their advantage when shopping for a broker.

My number one priority is the financial well-being and lifestyle security of my clients. adds credibility to this claim by showing consumers an unbiased and full range of choices up front. Clients realize that good information about their options leads to them making good, informed choices.

Chris Funnell

Dear Bob,

I started using your Compulife quotation system in 1991, and it really turned my practice around. I was always proud to be a broker, and felt it was important to help my clients by utilizing the widest possible range of companies to better serve their needs at the most affordable price, but I didn't realize how much I was missing until Compulife gave me the ability to show my clients a full, unbiased survey of the entire Canadian brokerage market in an instant survey, in front of their eyes! This valuable tool truly transformed the way I have done business over the years.

How have my clients benefited? Many come to me for the first time, often seeking a second opinion, having only seen a quote from a single company, or perhaps two or three, from other brokers who may have felt that they were doing an adequate job. However, when they see the full marketplace available to them, and appreciate the fact that we are engaged in a collaborative process in which they are actively involved, they love it. It truly takes "is your rate the best?" completely out of the discussion, and focuses instead on how much insurance is enough, and how may we best obtain it. Needless to say, they quickly become clients, and generate a good deal of repeat business and referrals!

I have enjoyed the built-in tools, especially "Income from Capital Analysis." Since I've used this from way back in the days of DOS, I like the screen where you quickly input raw data, though some brokers may prefer the consumer "walk-through." Every other utility I've used generates a needs total that the consumer doesn't fully understand, or relate to, and there remains an element of denial to overcome. Being able to show a simple, 4-column year-by-year result really makes an impact, and has helped a great many of my clients understand and obtain the amount of insurance they ought to have, instead of what they thought they should have.

The multiple-class environment of preferred rates has made our guidance as brokers more appreciated than ever. Indeed, when clients see the size of the marketplace and come to appreciate that there are sometimes subtle underwriting differences between companies in respect to specific health conditions and occupations/avocations, it highlights more than ever our value as brokers who help guide them through the process and obtain the best value for their money.

In helping me cut my workload, the Compulife system has been invaluable in separating Regular Smokers from Preferred Smokers and Occasional Pipe/Cigar smokers and even to locate Non-Smoker "Headstart" rates for Smokers! I remember how hard it was to find this information manually, and now you've made it even easier with the new Health Analyzer option, which is continually adding more and more screening options. Plus, the new Minimum T-100 premium survey has simplified yet one more process that formerly was very labor-intensive. Just when I think you can't improve the program any further, you find a way to surprise me. Company reps get a stunned look on their faces when I tell them that "I hate their software." Even when I need to know a specific rate for one company, I use your software instead of theirs, and I tell them so. It is so much faster and easier, especially when obtaining a rate for multiple lives with spousal discount. After using Compulife for so many years, I find the proprietary company programs very slow and cumbersome, and only use them for specific situations when I absolutely must.

Bob, in summary, your Compulife software is very consumer-friendly; over the past 13 years it has helped me to locate and obtain the best rates for my clients, while helping me to educate them at the same time. All the while, it has streamlined my workload and proven invaluable in helping me to operate a successful life insurance practice for these many years. Many thanks for your good work, Bob. Well done!


Kent N. Jacobson, CFP, C.F.S.B., North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Dear Bob:

I am writing to sincerely thank you for everything you do in delivering and maintaining the most accurate and complete term life insurance quoting system in the world!

Over the past 10 years, your product has made it possible for me to build a profitable agency with a national presence.

Your availability and willingness to listen to constructive changes in making your product better are a major reason you continue to set the standard for quality, functionality, and accuracy in your business.

I am also the beneficiary of referrals from your website. The additional business we write just from those referrals more than pays for the cost of your software, as well as the cost of the zip code listings on term4sale.

Any life agent worth his salt should have access to the information that your software provides. I'd be lost without it.

Byron Udell, Udell & Associates

Dear Bob,

Over the past 10 years, Compulife has helped me grow my business substantially. A couple key strokes and I have quotes from hundred’s of different insurance companies….how awesome is that!!!

My Term4Sale listings more than pay for the cost of Compulife and I will be a Compulife subscriber for life.

Anyone that sells life insurance and does not use Compulife is probably not getting their clients the best rate/value.

I appreciate your bulletins, constant updates and all you do to improve our industry.


Gordon E. Conwell, Conwell Assoc, Inc.

Bob, it was a fortuitous day for me when I first learned of Compulife. I had just left the corporate world, returning to full time life insurance sales. My marketing plan called for rapidly building a client base. Using the axiom I learned from Dr Kottler, professor at Northwestern, "you need a low cost item to attract attention and a crown jewel to move them to, " term life insurance I believed was the low cost ticket.

Using Compulife I came up with a much better marketing plan than I had originally decided upon; I believe my subscription dates back to 1993. And it worked! Today my customer base has grown to over 5000 policyholders in ten years.

Compulife was and still is the cornerstone of our marketing plan. Without Compulife I would have needed a huge bookcase of rate books and never fully being sure I was serving my client like our mission statement says" unto other as you would have them do unto you, it's biblical and the correct way to do business.

Recently I signed up for zip code leads generated by Term4Sale and right out of the gate made five times my investment! Each prospect has been eager to talk to us and in the market for life insurance. On more than one occasion we have talked to individuals that have also received a quote from one of the big TV advertising quote services, and Compulife has enabled us to secure them as clients, due to the correctness of the information we were giving them. We really should purchase more zip codes and will! .

Bob, Compulife adds immeasurable clout to our marketing plan and knowing you is a real joy.

Robert E. Morgan, CLU, ChFC, Oaktree Financial Services, Inc.

I am a longtime and very satisfied subscriber of Compulife. A subscription to this software means I can sleep well at night knowing I am doing my absolute best as to plan and premium for my clients. I can trust the quotes the system produces and rest assured knowing I have the most current information at my fingertips concerning term life insurance plans in the states where I conduct business.

When the Term4sale website was introduced, I immediately recognized how this website would be valuable to the consumer while helping me grow my business. The consumers who call me to discuss their insurance needs are motivated buyers, not "tire kickers" looking for free information which they will never use. Armed with information from your website, consumers are knowledgeable about the plans available and realistic as to premium commitment. The sale is almost made before I even pick up the telephone! My closing ratio on calls I receive is about 90 percent and this is not hype.

I look forward to many more years of using your product and services. Thank you Bob Barney for your care and dedication to consumers and insurance producers alike.

Jack Moloney, Hoboken, NJ


I have one word for you:


Once again you have outdone yourself with the addition of your new module "Health Analyzer". The amount of time this saves is very hard to calculate. You have managed to make term insurance quoting even easier. I don't quite know how any agent selling term insurance would not subscribe to your service. The value you offer far exceeds the cost of your product. I submit to you that any agent selling term that doesn't justify the nominal charge for your software should ask themselves if they are in the business to stay.

Here's to you (and your team) Bob Barney, the ultimate Term Insurance Purist (T.I.P.) THANKS!

Richard J. Lippin, Planned Protection Consultants, Ltd.

I wanted to congratulate and thank you for all of your efforts to promote the term4sale website. The site has received favorable mention in so many articles over the last year or so and I am consistently amazed at your continued success with the promotion of the site. I have received a steady stream of calls from well-qualified individuals all of which have been educated in advance through your site and typically are anxious to review and purchase the most favorable options for their life insurance coverage.

Keep up the excellent work!

Jonathan E. Katz, LUTCF, Katz Insurance Group

I have been using Compulife for just under a year. I had used it before, but my duties at our merged agency now are exclusive to life insurance. I cannot think of a more important tool in life insurance sales than a subscription to Compulife software. It has been a key to the closing of life insurance sales. I can directly attribute $50,000 of commission to the use of Compulife software. It has far and away paid for itself and continues to everyday.

Prospects are impressed with the impartiality of showing them every carrier that competes in the term insurance marketplace. They realize that I am truly looking out for them. It is easy for me to explain why they may not want to apply with a carrier that I don't feel comfortable doing business with even if it is the least expensive in its category.

It also gives me the advantage of knowing who the competition is and their rates. I'm never surprised by the competition like I was before I had Compulife in my arsenal. The site has also brought me a number of ready to buy life insurance prospects. I have probably made 5 sales that were referred to me by the site. In fact, we are adding the Compulife quoting engine to our agency web site, so the term shoppers can do their own shopping and figure out their rates before I see them.

I am confident that the information is absolutely accurate and up to date. The internet updates make sure I always have the rates as quickly as they hit the streets. Bob Barney has been most helpful in taking time to talk and helping me with any questions I have. They are always innovating new ways to help consumers and agents get the best value for their life insurance dollars. The new Health Analyzer will help agents figure out which rate is truly the achievable rate without having to consult every company underwriting guide

I highly recommend Compulife software and would gladly answer any questions prospective purchasers have about the program.

Rob Squires, CIC, RHU, Hausmann-Johnson Insurance

Dear Bob,

Thanks a million. I have never found a more comprehensive and unbiased life insurance software product. Since buying your Compulife software my sales have increased dramatically. The software has allowed my clients to feel confident that I am getting the best prices for them. It has also helped in marketing to prospective clients. When clients ask me to send them a quote I send your pick 6 analysis. People call me back to find out when I can help them. Bob, once again, thanks a million.

Jonathan Mittman, NJ Insurance Finder


I first became a customer of yours having been dissatisfied with my ability to keep up with the "term marketplace". With your help and others - including my son who even comes to my rescue from Boston when I screw up and need a computer application "repaired" or "deciphered" - my method of doing business has become far more efficient and productive.

We've certainly come a long way since getting once a month updates through the mail and on disks. Even in those days, however, you enabled an individual practitioner like myself to stay competitive and operate efficiently.


Bennett A. Burstin, CLU Pittsburgh, PA


I have been a member of your Compulife fan club since August of 1995. I have always been amazed at the huge amount of information included in your Update News. Your knowledge of our industry, your concerns, and your total honesty will continue to encourage me to be a fan club cheerleader.

I have always believed that one company never always had the best rates. Your software proves that point. Looking back on your original ad nine years ago, your information is still pertinent today. “Compulife’s program shows your client that you have shopped the market to locate the best term insurance available. You save valuable preparation time and Comulife gives you impressive presentations that tell your clients you’re the agent to choose when comparing and buying life insurance.”

You have saved me many hours of research time and have multiplied my impression with clients and prospects many times. Thanks for your efforts. You are a real pioneer in the life insurance comparisons process.

"Have a Terrific Day"

Ron White, CLU, LUTCF, Arlington, TX    Ron White Financial Services

I am a client advocate and licensed insurance advisor. I could not do my job without the resources provided by Compulife. The speed, accuracy, and breadth of this resource are truly impressive.

David Isaacson, CLU, ChFC

We have been in business for 9 years as an independent financial planning practice. We have had the pleasure of working with Compulife software from the word go! At the heart of our value proposition is our "independence". I must tell you that the Compulife Quote Generation software is an important part of validating our "independence". Thanks you for enhancing our credibility in the communities were serve. Keep up the good work!

Tom R Allain, CFP, Allain & Associates

Dear Bob,

I just wanted take a moment to tell you what an excellent product you have in Compulife. We have been using the product for over three years and it is by far the best in the marketplace. The health analyzer is an excellent piece of programming that allows our agents to quote the right rate every time. Compulife software is a great example of a company that is striving for excellence.


Emilio Amodei, Advantage One

Hi Bob,

I want to thank you for putting out such a fine piece of software. We're using your life insurance database as a plug-in on a number of our websites and couldn't be happier with the results - and our visitors are pretty pleased as well. As your database is so exhaustive in terms of the number of products you quote, our websites always have more companies than our competitors. And consumers are noticing it. We routinely get comments from consumers (that translate into leads) asking why our quotes are cheaper than the other sites. Of course, that's because our competitors haven't figured out our secret of using your software on our websites!

Richard Karp

Hi Bob,

I just wanted to thank you for developing the Compulife Software! I have been using the software on our website for about 2 years now and it is absolutely indispensable. I commend you on continuing to improve your product with your new forms library and the more detailed health analyzer. Compulife is by far the best life insurance rate engine and is a must have for any independent life insurance agent. Thank you again for your product and excellent customer service.

Brian Greenberg, CompassQuote Insurance Services

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