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Update News for September 2010    

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

IMPORTANT for Iphone and Ipod users

An improved version of the Compulife Mobile Quote system is mow available for Apple products at:

The screens have been more appropriately sized to function with the Iphone and Ipod, eliminating the need for zooming. Further, the radio button/choices have been replaced, as they did not re-size properly on the Applie mobile devices.

Let us know if you believe other changes are necessary.

Other phone/mobile device users can try the same above address and compare it with:

If neither works the way you would like, give us a call at (800) 798-3488.

Compulife Mobile Quotation System

We have completed work for the personalized on-line Mobile software for use on your Smart Phone, wireless PDA or any other device with an internet connection. Work was delayed in August after we realized that not all mobile devices store cookies properly. This means that some older devices may have trouble running the new system. We won't know just how many are affected until we go live. If you have trouble after we go live, you will need to contact us.

Early in September the current mobile web service at:

will cease to function. In its place will be a web page that will have an application to obtain the FREE Mobile Quotation service, providing that you have a qualifying subscription to Compulife.

To initiate that free subscription you will be asked to register for the service (it will be free) by completing an application. Once Compulife has received your application you will be sent a link to your site and a link to your control panel. The control panel will allow you to determine which companies are quoting on your site.

Please note, this new service is NOT a public service. If you want a public quoting service that consumers or colleagues can use for free on your web site, then you need to go here:

Compulife Website Quotes

NOTE: Compulife Website Quotes are FREE for 4 months and $99 per year thereafter, if you elect to renew.

Once again, after your new Mobile Quotation service is set up (this is FREE to qualifying subscribers) you will be sent a link.

The first time you visit the site you will be asked to create a password for your site. That will register your first device. The next time you visit the site with a different device/browser, you will need to enter the password again. Once a device/browser is registered, the site will recognize the device/browser on subsequent visits and you will not need to re-enter the password.

IMPORTANT: The site should support ANY device that has a basic browsing function on the internet and which allows cookies to be stored on the device.

Standard license subscribers (agencies), will be allowed a maximum of 5 device browsers.

Personal Use subscribers to Compulife are allowed a maximum of 3 device/browers.

For example, if you are a personal use subscriber you may have an Iphone, a Blackberry and an Ipad. Each of those three devices will be able to use your Mobile Quotation system. Anytime any or either of those devices logs into your account, they will be able to run quotes. If you attempt to add a 4th device, the system will object and not allow access.

If you sell/change/upgrade one of your devices, and cannot access your account with the new device, because you have exceeded your limit of devices, you can contact Compulife and we can reset the account allowing you to start over. The first three device/browsers that log in with passwords will be OK from that point forward.

The initial services available on the site will be the same as on the current universal site. The most obvious improvement will be your ability to use the administration panel to determine which companies your site quotes.

Once we have completed a period of testing, where we are confident that our security measures are working properly, we will then add upgrades to the site. The first upgrade will be to add a health analyzer function.

Health Analyzer For Web Quotes

The following email was sent to all current web site quote users in July:

NEW LOWER PRICE - Domains For Sale

Three months ago we told you about the slate of domain names that we pre-registered, and that we are offering for sale to our subscribers. A number of the best one's have been picked through and purchased.

The new price is $99 $79 $69 $39 - down $30 from last month. Will we drop the price again? Yes, we suspect that by winter the price for the remaining domain names will drop again. We will probably cut the price dramatically by Christmas and will be practically giving them away. The point is that we will keep dropping prices until our current inventory is sold out.

The problem is that if you wait you may lose a great domain name to someone else. More than one of the sold domain names were requested by another subscriber after they had just been sold to another subscriber who beat the second person to the punch. You snooze, you lose.

And if the latest price cut doesn't suit you, and instead of waiting around for another domain name price drop, feel free to MAKE US AN OFFER on any remaining domain name(s) that you want. If it is a reasonable offer we are likely to take it.

For more information about the domain names that we have for sale, and the web sites that are ready to go, click on:

U.S. News - QuinStreet Lead Marketing Opportunity

The following is an announcement that we made this month to our U.S. subscribers. We asked the folks at QuinStreet if they did business in Canada, but they do not. Given that we are creating an automated mechanism that will enable U.S. subscribers to sell surplus leads from their web sites, we thought we would pass along the news of that fact. This could also be done for our Canadian subscribers, however, we have no market for such leads unless someone is brought to our attention. If you think you know of a party who might be interested in buying surplus leads from our subscribers, feel free to copy them the following story. They should contact Bob Barney at (888) 798-3488.

Here is what we said:

What's Next?

Once our work on the web engines and Mobile Quotation software is complete, we will be turning our attention to some important maintenance work that is needed to the data entry systems. Those programs have not been updated for quite some time, and some need to be converted to take advantage of the newer programming compilers that we have been using for the Windows software that we already distribute to you. Our goal is to make it easier to program future software, which will ensure that we can roll out changes and improvements more efficiently.

Further, having reviewed where we are heading over the next few years, and the changes that we would like to be able to make in the future, we have decided to stop and do a much more extensive overhaul than simply changing our data entry software. We have determine that we would also like to implement a better data storage structure that will make maintenance easier on both a data entry basis, as well as a programming basis.

To achieve our goals in this regard, we will be spending a fair bit of time reviewing our new data storage needs, and then building conversion software that will convert our existing data files into our new data file structure. Once we have done that, we will then introducing new comparison software that does exactly what it does now, but which derives its results from the new data structure. In other words, you will end up with a new program that does exactly what the old program did/does.

Once this first stage is completed, we will have both old program and old data, with new program and new data. Moving forward we will use the old data entry systems to maintain the old version, then converting old data to the new data forms for general distribution.

The next stage is to create the new data entry systems that talk to the new data format. Once we are satisfied that the new data entry system give us everything that we have now, we will then switch to the new data structure alone. We will only do this once we have thoroughly tested the new software to ensure it gives us no problems in maintaining the date. This may take several months. As far as the part you use, by the time we make that transition, you will have been using the new software for several months.

The point of sharing this with you is that the process will be quite lengthy and so from this spring throughout most of 2010, you will not be seeing many changes and improvements to the software that you use, even though the underlying foundation will be going through a massive change. Once the foundation has been reconstructed, and all the tools to work on the foundation have been built, the program will be in a position to make some substantial moves forward.

Think of it as transplant surgery, where you need to keep the patient alive and well, at the same time as you are swapping out the organs.